CBCA Awards 2007 Shortlist

I finally looked at the CBCA Awards shortlist today and looked forward to reading the books on the list. I read most of the shortlist last year and totally enjoyed them. It’s great to look forward to winter with a list of books to read that are almost guaranteed to be great. I have included a new tag “CBCA Awards” in my blog. I’ll have to go back and add it to all the books I read from the list and mentioned on this blog last year. My apologies to readers with feeds who may get these posts reposted.

I have already had the pleasure of reading “Red Spikes” by Margo Lanagan. It is a collection of amazing and wonderful short stories and is my favourite so far! There is a great story ‘Under Hell, Over Heaven’ in there based on the Catholic concept of Limbo. I wonder if the Pope read this story too as he has recently made some changes.