Epic 2014

If you are interested in the future of media and or the history of the Internet, this little 8 minute clip Epic 2014, is a very interesting and thought provoking watch. I have always loved the ‘future history’genre although I find it difficult to find material.

I remember in the late 80’s I had this book called ‘The Third Millennium:A History of the World:AD 2000-3000’ by Brian Stableford and David Langford. I loved it and read it cover to cover. It inspired many ideas for me and some of the future I eagerly awaited, just as I did for the Internet to get how I knew it would. I remember being on Compuserve which was all American almost and I felt like a lone Aussie, plodding along looking for the diversity of a global community. Not that I didn’t like learning about America and americans, but I knew one day it would be like it is now.

This little clip however has a much smaller scale than the Millennium of the book, but still food for thought and interesting.

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  1. hey Joh,
    this is my way of letting you know I’v sent you a thing on myspace [though I actually said in the msg that I wouldn’t let you know, I’d jst let you find it in your own time cos it’s not urgent].

    happy happy joy joy vibes your way!!

    love Kat

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