Kazakhstan and ‘The Zahir’

I have to admit, I had barely heard of Kazakhstan before Borat the film came along. I haven’t seen Borat and I don’t imagine I will. It doesn’t sound like my kind of entertainment. I have noticed though that I have been noticing this place more and more in the streams of information that pass by me.

I have recently read a book that was in part set in Kazakhstan called ‘The Zahir’ by Paolo Coelho. I totally enjoyed the book. It was about relationships. I love Paolo Coelho’s books and have read all bar about three of them. I am contemplating rereading some of them actually because they have so much in them. This latest read was about obsession and love and I enjoyed reading it. There is more I want to learn about it and I have given a lot of thought to many of the ideas in the book.

I recently read this article on one of my favourite blogs:Inhabitat:Norman Foster’s Entertainment Centre in Kazakhstan

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