Latest YA Reading #2

Have just completed a couple of books quite quickly really. My son recommended to me Will by Maria Boyd. He loved it and I can see why. It was funny, current and dealt with grief. He (my son) quoted from it at a family dinner discussion when he felt I was stereotyping. I love it when he does that kind of thing. Makes me feel he is literate:-). I enjoyed it too.
The other book was Helicopter Man by Elizabeth Fensham, which won the Children’s Book Council of Australia award this year for younger readers. It had a similar theme as No Worries in some ways. I won’t go into it and spoil it for would be readers, but it too was enjoyable.

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  1. I have to agree, I read ‘Will’ by Maria Boyd and absolutely loved it. I thought that it was a fantastic novel that faced real issues and made you think about circumstances in a different light. Not only was it funny but it could also be sad and i found myself quite moved at certian stages throughout the book. Thank-you.

  2. My pleasure, but actually thank-you.I love getting comments and this arrived on my birthday, so is like my first present! (If you don’t count the early ones I got yesterday;-))
    I cried and laughed and cringed with the characters.

  3. yeh same im reading the boook at the momment but so far i love it i wish they make a movie i so would like it ohhh i wonder how the charecters would look in real life i think will is hott:D

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