April is fun

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is part of the joy of this time of the year for me. Admittedly I haven’t got to catch many live shows in April in the last few years but I caught the debate on ABC. Tracy Spicer stole the show.

I love April for sunflowers like those below by local artist Ian Mitchell. Hopes for this season were not realised, yet the artist response captured the experience. Many hands and cooperation were required to achieve a field of sunflowers. I’ve had many learning experiences this summer about our community.


Easter Sunday is as good a day as any to bring this back from the dead.

I’ve had a week long staycation with a couple of family visits and friend catchups and conversations. I read and listened to podcasts. I watched ‘Wild’ which led to listening to the Tim Ferris(TF) podcast with Cheryl Strayed. She was talking about her writing process and having to book into a motel and do it in chunks. I started listening to Design Matters with Debbie Millman since Christmas and have a stack to catch up on. I listened to Debbie Millman’s second podcast with TF. I loved the part about her morning routine, even though I don’t have a dog.

I read this article that was fascinating – The Web Wide World by Mark Pesce. There is a lot to think about and remember in that article. I’ve read it over three days because my concentration span isn’t what it used to be.

Venus went direct yesterday. One less thing to be retro about, I’m still examining the effects. There have been shifts.

Easter is my favourite holiday of the year. I like that it’s a different date each year. Autumn weather is my favourite – the light is just right.

Book List Abundance

I can’t resist a booklist. I was going to write a good booklist, but that wouldn’t be true. I will click on almost any booklist. I look at the list and then see how many great and recommended books I still haven’t read.

Once upon a time when I started my blog, I used to review every book I read. I don’t have time to do that anymore, but I indulge in Goodreads as often as I can to update what I’ve read- never as much as I would like, I really enjoy seeing what friends read too, it’s like a personal recommendation.

So tonight on this full moon night that I can’t resist staying up for, even though there may be cloud cover, I’m thinking about booklists and what informs our reading. Is this a Taurus thing? Comfort seeking?? I like to read books recommended by my friends, sometimes ‘friends I haven’t met that I read/listen to or watch’. Trusted sources, I love a new source though.

I don’t continue reading/listening or watching something that I don’t enjoy. There are a handful of authors/speakers or directors/actors/writers/bloggers that I will persist with. It’s almost sad that the list keeps getting shorter.  There is abundance now.

I’d love to hear how you decide to read a book? What are the telltale signs or a trusted source for you?