I have actually finished my mosaic. Well I am not really finished, I still have to put the grout in, but I feel finished because I have broken up and stuck down all those tiles!
I should have been working on my web quest all weekend and as my rebellious nature often does, I got involved in finishing my mosaic. I feel naughty that I didn’t do my work and will be up until goodness knows when tonight making amends for that but it doesn’t stop me celebrating the fact that I have completed this and I am really very happy with it.
I love the way it looks and I love that I have managed to see the project through. I ‘failed’ art at school and have never been very crafty but I think I am not as bad as I thought at being creative. I love the things I have made in the past few years and it inspires me to want to do more. That is good.

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