Time is all weird

It’s perhaps a Saturn thing. There are a lot of planets in Aquarius right now and many of them have just moved on from Capricorn, also ruled by Saturn. I feel like my sense of time is all jumbled at present. There are things that seem forever ago – that are not and things that are unexpectedly sudden, that have taken a long time in reality.

This song, from the 90s, popped into my head tonight and it took a while to find it but I’m glad I did. This CD was a favourite that I’d forgotten.

It has to change

I love the new podcast by Rob Rees, (who I am a massive fan of) and Elena Duggan – Appetite for Change. Rob is always good to listen to and I have learnt so much from him over the past few years. Each episode has been brilliant, and I encourage you to listen to them all. Rob and Elena are finding such knowledgeable and committed humans that work with food to make the world a better place. They ask brilliant questions and create an intimate conversation. Suitable for people who eat.

My favourite so far has been the latest with Cat Clarke. You hear the passion for connection and learning in her voice as she relates how far she goes to make a difference in the lives of her students. I had so many moments while listening to this of feeling the truth of her words in my gut. Here’s a recent article about her impact as a teacher –


One of the points Cat makes is that the education system has to change and she mentions some of the barriers as well as her approaches with great humility.

Hope is Free

Hope is a choice. Politicians speak about giving hope … hope and jobs. It’s true, we need that. Is it something anyone can deliver? Hope is something we need to choose to feel. It gives us the ability to be able to go forward in the direction of our dreams. To believe we can make a difference. To dream.
Today I heard the opposite feeling to hope. I heard young people expressing despair about their world. The media is constantly telling us how difficult life is going to be when this or that happens. It’s not the first time change has happened.
Most people who live here, love it here. They love the central location. They love the accepting nature that has welcomed and embraced a multitude of cultures. They love that they have easy access to mountains, oceans, forests, great food, wine and venues for entertainment. The running water, electricity, fresh food, access to technology, education, sporting facilities and support – there are people who can’t access that, even in our world – yet statistically we are not doing too bad. These are spectacular gifts. I have lived in and visited other places and I would not exchange our gifts for anything.