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Show Up

July 18, 2021 By johblogs

I miss blogging. I did it daily at one point and enjoyed the opportunity to record what my day had brought, so I am returning. I listened to the ‘Get Off the Bench’ podcast from Kerryn Vaughan interviewing Nicky Williams – https://www.kerrynvaughan.com/podcast1/nicky-williams-writing-off-self-doubt I could relate to what Nicky was saying.

Fresh Start

March 18, 2016 By johblogs

Since July last year my blog has been unavailable. I have missed making a note of life as it whizzes by and it seems much longer than less than a year that I’ve ¬†stopped. I still hope to restore the 10 years of writing, yet if not – here I go again. In my absence […]

Massage Reflections

December 5, 2007 By johblogs

Tonight I had my last massage for 2007. It was lovely. This morning in the staff room, many teachers were complaining of sore backs and shoulders from long hours hunched over the computer, writing reports. I went to the chiropractor last night. Two other teachers had been there before me. I feel great, even though […]