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Recent good reads online

Robin Good: Online Social Networking And Education: Study Reports On New Generations Social And Creative Interconnected Lifestyles
Must read for parents who are concerned about their children’s Internet behaviour/habits. It’s not all bad! I’m sure I’ve said it before, but ‘Repetition Leads to Discovery’ Robin Good is great reading!

The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss: Don’t Like Meditation? Try Gratitude Training. (Plus: Follow-up to “Testing Friends” Firestorm)
I have recently purchased Tim Ferriss’s book “The 4-Hour Work Week”. This post about gratitude is great. I have actually tried this and found it to work, always good to be reminded to start doing useful things again though. I especially liked the ‘follow-up’ part as well.

Duncans TV Ad Land : Highmark Challenges Bullying with Punching Bag
If you are a parent or teacher at some stage you could be faced with a bully or a bullied child. It’s painful stuff. Highmark is an American Health Insurance company which obviously understands the far reaching consequences of this in the field of health.

Christine Kane : Watch Your Language
I frequently need to be reminded about this one!

Healthy Living Lounge has two great Feng Shui articles as follows:
Nine Sure Signs the Energy in Your Home is Stressed
Nine Things You Don’t Know About Your Child’s Bedroom
There are some great tips for making or restoring your home as the nurturing place we all need it to be.

Signs of Letting Go

So yesterday I read the column about de-cluttering, referred to in my last post. Ruth was pondering parting with the lock of the boyfriends hair and it seemed like it was going to be released the way the article was going.

Tonight I watched episode 13 of season one of The Gilmour Girls(I’m loving this right now and have secured for a winter of watching, season’s 2 & 3). It was the episode where they go to The Bangles concert. Ah the memories of walking like an Egyptian!

Anyway Luke gave his exes sparkly jacket to the junk sale and Lorelei bought it, attracted as she was to the sparkles and wore it without realising it belonged to his ex-girlfriend and he reacted and she found out about the ex and demonstrated some interest in him by being obsessively curious about her. Are you following this?

I could relate to the obsessively curious borderline jealous thing. Then she did the totally understanding and mature thing and gave him back the sweater, I so wish I had done something this mature and together once in my life around the jealous issue thing. I know there have been moments when I could have, just the moment always passed before I managed to put it into action.

So Ruth let go, Luke didn’t, the signs are there. This weekend I have let go of shabby linen that has been bulking up my storage space. Oh and piles of leftover dry biscuits that were the last ones in the pack and kept getting stuffed into the air tight container. There must have been 20 or so plastic wrappers with one salada in it. They were all stale though, so I’m questioning whether the airtight container, is in fact air tight. Perhaps the container should go too.