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Busy Busy Times

Last night we had the Christmas concert in the park in the middle of town. It was great. I walked down, enjoyed the kids music making and walked home.

It’s been frantic at work. My Digital Storytelling class are undertaking to make a short film for each homeroom to be shown to the whole school next week and as these things always happen, at the last minute, there are still some that aren’t complete yet. I am rushing around to get that organised in lunchtimes and feeling very flustered about it.

I still haven’t started my report writing yet, but am making a lot of progress with my marking, in snatches here and there. We have a public holiday on Friday for the local show, so I expect, I will spend it writing reports.

Today we went to an ‘adventure’ park with our year nines as part of a transition program. They are going to the senior campus next year. It was exhausting.

My team talked me into participating in a couple of things. So I did the ‘Leap of Faith’ which involved walking a plank with a harness on, up very very high.

I also did one of the team activities. We had to all as a team get over this really high wall. There was one student left who hadn’t done it and as I was attempting to convince her it would be fine, some bright spark suggested I show her, for extra points for the team. I would have gladly disappeared, yet instead allowed my students to boost me up and drag me up over this wall.

Bruises galore! Why do I always fall for these things? The kids are younger and braver than me! I am so tired, but it was great to see the kids push their boundaries. Some of them are amazingly strong, brave and fit. One more day of teaching and then a marathon report writing weekend, including my birthday somehow. Oh, I have to make my wish list!

Ishmael and the Return of the Dugongs by Michael Gerard Bauer

The latest offering from Michael Gerard Bauer is perhaps even more hilarious than “Don’t Call Me Ishmael”. I’m not sure though. Both novels contain laugh out loud parts.

In ‘Ishmael and the Return of the Dugongs’ the quest is to capture the heart of Kelly and Ishmael definitely finds himself in some scrapes in this adventure. ‘The Dugongs’ is the name of his fathers old uni rock band that attempts a 20th reunion. Enjoy the familiar characters in new and amusing scenario’s. I especially loved the rivalry between maths nerd Prindabel and Zorzotto (self titled “Razzman”) in the debating final. It was priceless.

I hope Michael Gerard Bauer has started on his next novel, because so far I have loved 3 out 3 novels I have read.