Girlosophy and Anthea Paul

Last night I went to see Anthea Paul speak at the Gippsland Womens Health Annual General Meeting in Sale. She is one of the most engaging speakers I have listened to, in a long time. I was very overtired and nearly didn’t bother – I’m so pleased I did!

It helped that her message is exactly the kind of message I try to get out to my students every day. It’s easy to like someone who agrees with you :-). Yet seriously, there is a woman who is a fitting role model for young women. She is passionate, intelligent and articulate. She recognises true beauty and spirit for what it is and casts all imitations offered to young women today aside.

Anthea has written a series of books for young women, which I will be purchasing and reading. I will no doubt share them here, when I am done. Her message is worthy and I intend to take it up. She is currently visiting a number of schools and communities in Gippsland, so if you have the opportunity to see her, do whatever it takes to get there. Take your daughter!

New Moon in Scorpio 2007

I have just returned from my massage and feel quite deliciously relaxed and refreshed. I was fit to scream this afternoon. Cranky, overtired and I felt like waiting up for my massage was intolerable. I wasn’t sure if I would go to sleep or cry on the table tonight, but I just sank into the deepest relaxation whilst all the troubles in my mind whirled around and eventually evaporated. I feel good now.

For all the astrological snippets on the New Moon in Scorpio arriving Saturday afternoon in Australia (east coast) can fill you in on what a Scorpio new moon is about. One of my favourite Aussie astrologers Yasmin Boland’s Sagittarius weekly outlook for the new moon is eerily accurate for me. I do have a few mysteries on my plate at present, and I am not sure if I’m brave enough to know the truth yet. I don’t think I’ll be digging into anything in the near future. I would rather remain relaxed and do the meditating part!

Carer’s Week: 14th – 20th October

The National Depression Initiative: Beyond Blue is recognising carers this week. I take my hat off to those who care for someone suffering with depression. Carers are all around us. Those tired looking people who work with you all day and then go home and do a second shift, patiently, lovingly with family or friends. Some of the students at my school are carers for parents with mental health issues. It’s a big job. In most cases you will never hear about it. It reminds me to be kind to everyone, just in case they are carrying a bigger load than you know.

If you want more information Beyond Blue is a great site. There’s a lot of information for all kinds of concerns.