Beautiful World by Colin Hay

I heard this song for the first time today and just loved it. I heard it on a remix (Shift Happens) of that great clip : Did You Know/Shift Happens . For anyone who is interested the original presentation can be accessed at this blog The Fischbowl.

Getting back to Colin Hay, I recognised his voice, which pleased me. When my pa died I listened to his song “Waiting For My Real Life to Begin” over and over. I’m not sure why, I just found it quite soothing and comforting. I guess my pa was always a bit of a dreamer and perhaps it embraced that. This song ‘Beautiful World’ is lovely.

I showed the clip to my year 9 students today in the Careers class to assist them in thinking about the kinds of jobs that may be available in the future. They responded so well to it, I shared it with my year 9 English class as well. They found it interesting and inspiring.

Links to Great Online Posts

I’ve read some really inspiring and uplifting blog posts this week that I’d like to share. It’s a good place for me to store them too I might add, I’m fairly confident I’ll want to reread them.

Christine Kane: 9 Irresistible Reasons to Go Complaint-Free Starting Right Now
Christine Kane’s blog is usually a great read and one of my favourites. Going complaint free seems like a very positive way to make a major change in your life. It sounds simple but I’ll let you know how I go!

Ruth Ostrow: Seek Your Own Fez House
This is just the kind of inspiring story I love. It involves renovating and exotic locations and throwing caution to the wind.

Craig Harper: The Choices We Make When We Choose Nothing
Another great reminder from Craig Harper about being proactive in our lives. He makes me laugh, even when I intensely dislike the truth he is telling.

Duncan’s TVAdland: Dove Boy Meets Amy
I love these Dove Self-Esteem fund clips and this latest one is simple, yet beautiful.