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Moments of Pleasure

Tonight is massage night. I have been having a massage once a month since July. I have enjoyed every one of them and am looking forward to tonight’s pleasure.

My Kate Bush CD came in the mail today. I now have all her CD’s and this latest one, “Never For Ever” was the first Kate Bush album I bought so I am enjoying it and flashing back to being 16. I worked in a record shop and would listen to Kate Bush as frequently as I could. My favourite tracks were “The Wedding List”, “Army Dreamers” and “Breathing”. I loved them all in the end after hearing them over and over!
The title of this blog is a Kate Bush song as shown in this YouTube video. So after my earlier post this month on the imitations, here is the real thing. Enjoy!

I am up to season 5 in ‘The Gilmour Girls’. Last night I watched episode 11, when Luke created an ice-skating rink on Lorelai’s front lawn to reconcile her with snow. Such a romantic moment. I am loving their relationship.

So whilst I am missing Andy,(Postman Pat in Hobart), I am filling my life with some simple pleasures.