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Sculptures at Botanical Garden, Ballarat

October 18, 2006 By johblogs

When I was at Ballarat on the weekend we visited the Botanical Gardens and I got lots of little clips of the sculptures and statues there. I was really saddened by the ones that had to be housed in the greenhouse building and had been vandalised. I don’t understand why people would destroy public property […]

Ballarat Wedding

October 17, 2006 By johblogs

I spent the weekend in Ballarat. My brother was married on Friday there and we spent the weekend, since we were there. It was a great family occasion. I feel pretty blessed by my large extended family. I was chatting to my cousin and a brother at one stage of the night and we all […]


October 1, 2005 By johblogs

Went for a drive today to look at some properties for sale. It was a very spring kind of day and there is an amazing view from Carrajung that we enjoyed whilst having a yummy picnic on what was probably once an oval. It was framed by tall trees and I can’t believe now that […]