‘Lies’, ‘Once’ and personal clips

Last night I went to see ‘Once’, I have reviewed it on ‘Falling Brick’.This is a track from the film called ‘Lies’.. This YouTube clip is a scene from the film that particularly touched me. On IMDb I read about the film, it mentioned in the trivia the clip was of the director, John Carney’s… Continue reading ‘Lies’, ‘Once’ and personal clips

My Truth about Beauty

Your beauty takes nothing away from mine! There is space in the world for each of us to be beautiful. Our uniqueness, rarity and individuality makes each of us gorgeous. When we try to subscribe to the media’s notions of beauty is when it all get’s ugly. I love the Dove commercials. Especially this one:… Continue reading My Truth about Beauty

Students Today… (a bit of a rant)

This could make you think….. A Vision of Students Today by Mike Welsh and class On my school based blog that I recently deleted due to lack of interest from fellow staff members, I had posted The Machine is Using Us. I read today about Mike Welsh’s latest clip Information R/evolution on Sultana Blog:Observations on… Continue reading Students Today… (a bit of a rant)