Home Insurance in Gippsland

Two of my friends have been shopping for household contents insurance in the last week or so. Both have mentioned to me they can’t find an insurance company willing to ensure anyone in Gippsland due to the floods. I remember the last time I looked into insurance, the person on the phone read to me the list of situations where the insurance wouldn’t cover damage. After hearing all the exceptions, I decided against it. I couldn’t think of much that could happen that would be covered.
On the news this evening it mentioned that many of those who had their homes damaged by the flood waters were finding they weren’t covered by their insurance policies.
Perhaps all the people in Gippsland should check their policies and stop paying their premiums if it is of no value to them.

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  1. It is *so* important to check policies out and what they do or dont cover. I used to work for an insurance company and this was something I learned very quickly.

    One of the companies I know of does cover floods, I’ll shoot you an email with the website link.. maybe you can pass it on to your friends.


  2. Thanks so much Snoskred. I have received your email and will forward it to my friends. Do you think insurance is worth it having worked in the industry?

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