Reading Challenge Stocktake

Premiers Reading Challenge
At school our kids participate in the Premiers Reading Challenge at year 7, 8 and 9. They need to read 15 books in a period of around 6 months. Most of them complete this and I try to challenge them to extend themselves a little. 10 of the books they read need to come from a list. I like to complete the challenge also and read 10 from the CBCA Award shortlist. The CBCA Award winners are announced during Childrens Book Week which is 18th – 24th August. This co-incides with the end of the Premiers Reading Challenge, which for schools is 17th August.
My Challenge Progress
The challenge began on the 31st January and in this time I’ve read; ‘Don’t Call Me Ishmael’ by Michael Gerard Bauer , ‘The Red Shoe’ by Ursula Dubosarsky, ‘Red Spikes’ by Margo Lanagan and ‘One Whole and Perfect Day by Judith Clarke. From my own choice books, I’ve read ‘The Lollipop Shoes’ by Joanne Harris, ‘The Witch of Portobello’ by Paulo Coelho, ‘The Journeys of Socrates’ by Dan Millman, ‘Stalker’ by Hazel Edwards , ‘The Running Man’ by Michael Gerard Bauer, ‘The Zahir’ by Paulo Coelho, ‘Theodora’s Gift’ by Ursula Duborsarsky, ‘White Time by Margo Lanagan, ‘Flying South’ by L M Elliott and ‘I Heard the Owl Call My Name’ by Margaret Craven. So I’ve actually over read in my own choice section. Well I guess that is the challenge! I have the last two from the shortlist for older readers, and one of the 2007 Eve Pownall Award for Information Books shortlisted books, because it had red in the title of course. I aim to read these during the next week.
In Summary
So I’ve read 4 out of 10 from the CBCA Awards shortlist. I have 3 here from the list to complete and would like to read the Catherine Bateson’s book ‘Being Bee’ in the Younger Readers Category as well as the one with Macbeth in the title by Jackie French. That will make 9. I’ve read two picture books from the list, so I will reread them and review them and then my work is done. Work – that’s a joke, I love reading. It’s been great listing this. It made me realise some more progress made.

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