10 th December New Moon in Sag 2007

The new moon in Sagittarius occurs on 10th December in Australia. This is a good time to make some decisions about the month ahead. It could lay the foundations for your new year planning and goal setting as well. The next fortnight will likely be quite hurried and busy so I am taking some time this morning to tweak my goals, dreams and hopes.

I keep a private journal where I write my plans, checklists, rants, dreams and any learning experiences I hope not to have to repeat.

Most of the astrologers I am reading are speaking of new beginnings, fresh starts and what time is better than a new moon to make a start, especially for all us Sagi’s – Megan, Kelly- Marie, Karen and Katie . (Sorry if I have missed someone, let me know!)

There is an interesting article on the Living Now magazine Stellar Stuff that mentions our current astrological lineup as similar to that at the time of Australia’s Federation. With the change of government, it’s kind of exciting to think we can enter a new phase as a nation.

Tomorrow is also my beautiful daughter’s 19th birthday. I am heading to Melbourne to have dinner with her today as I won’t be able to spend time with her tomorrow. I couldn’t be prouder of her. I still can’t believe I have been blessed with her. I remember clearly when she was born, looking into her eyes and feeling such awe and admiration for her clear, strong, vibrant spirit that was so totally present. It is one of the moments of my life that gives me the most power to recall.


  1. Ummm…given my near death experience on Saturday (diving mishap) I plan to become somewhat reflective and family centric in my planning.
    That sag stuff you sent via facebook was so TRUE for me too Joh!

  2. Megan, glad you’re still with us and can imagine the experience will make a difference to your outlook!!

    Katie, only a week to go! Woo hoo – hope you have great plans for the big day. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Oh, exciting stuff. I feel it in the air, too. I’ve had QUITE a week so far. Let’s hope its full of great tiding for us all!!

    Happy b’day for your daughter too – and all other Sagi’s!

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