18th August 2019

The past couple of weeks I’ve had turmoil and challenge and it was upsetting and frustrating. It came from a direction I wasn’t expecting yet there is nothing like an upset to focus my thinking and throw me into reflection. I tortured myself for a couple of days before remembering I had people. People who would listen and help, and they did. It turned out that things were not as they had appeared and the deception instigated a lot of positive action. I feel humble and grateful for people that rallied around me and helped me work through it (again) stronger and more committed.

I went to see ‘Truth Bomb!!!’ last night with Jenny and Pollyannar. We enjoyed it. Kerri Gannon has been at The VRI for most of the week, setting up for the show. It was a pleasure to have Kerri in our space. The performance was brilliant, honest and thought provoking. Truth Bomb!!! is coming to Sydney and Melbourne, so if you get the chance, go see it.

This TED talk is a classic – Barbara Sher is very funny.

I love the stories Barbara tells and the grounded simplicity of her message. She delivers her message with a lot of humour and humility. I see this type of thing happen at The VRI. When people come together and say what they want , others help. We are born to be problem solvers.

Who doesn’t love an Aha moment? Why not participate in some research about Aha! moments.
The Aha! Challenge takes about 15 minutesĀ www.ahachallenge.net.au.

I listened to Soft is the New Hard by Leah Mether this week. Leah is a local communications expert and the book subtitled ‘How to Communicate Effectively Under Pressure’ is brilliant and I recommend it to everyone. Communication is such an important ‘soft skill’. Leah’s models are sound and I got some excellent distinctions about my communications listening to it.

11th August 2019

I’m doing a course, it’s great. I love learning, getting into the space of developing new skills is one of my favourite things. One of the fun activities in our course last week was to pick our favourite film and there were two films from other participants I hadn’t seen – “Song for Marion” and “Cafe de Flore“. I watched them this weekend and they were brilliant. I highly recommend them.

I finished reading 21 Lessons For The 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari. Are our governments focussing on the technological disruption that is coming? What should we pay attention to? How do we know the truth? The main conclusion I came to was that we need to meditate more. Bill Gates has written a thorough review of this book here.

28th July 2019

“The revolutions in biotech and infotech are currently being started by engineers, entrepreneurs and scientists who are hardly aware of the political implications of their decisions and who certainly don’t represent anyone. Can parliaments and political parties take matters into their own hands? At present it does not seem so. Technological disruption is not even a leading item on the political agenda.”

 21 Lessons For The 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari.

Anyway, this – https://mashable.com/article/community-care-versus-self-care/ was shared with me by one of our amazing volunteers at The VRI. I have been reflecting on it a lot.

I enjoyed this. I believe in redemption too. My favourite quote is “We are shaped by education.”

That is all for this week. It’s been long.