Daylight Savings Blues

It was a rough start to the work week for me today. The students noticed the clock reading quarter to eight and we all sat around in homeroom in a bit of a daze, imagining that just a week ago, we’d have had an extra hour in bed. We never considered we’d have gone to bed an hour earlier as well.

Having the delightful time at camp last week, meant catching up with my other classes and the notices and such that go on when you are out for three days. I noticed a few others were dragging their feet a little also around me. Sometimes we just have days like these I guess.

I do love daylight savings though. I have always looked forward to those extra daylight hours that give the impression of more time. Perhaps it is more useful time. I’m not sure. History tells me I will come to like it.

The one year I wasn’t a fan was when I was cutting asparagus for a season. We began work at sunrise and daylight savings effectively meant finishing an hour later.

All in all though, there are still 24 hours in the day. No matter how it feels.


  1. it’s terrrible!! I feel your pain Joh.
    [doesn’t help that I got home at 4 Sunday morning then wound my clock forward then had another 4am finish last night]

  2. oh but it’s been fun 🙂

    don’t worry, it balances out in the end [ie during holidays]

    also, I think you’l approve of the end of last night: listening to Ben Folds whilst sitting on gorgeously staind floorboards playing chess with a glass of Kahlua-like liqueur that Josh bought in South Africa. how cool is that!

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