Happy and Tired

It’s been very busy at school. I have farewelled my much loved year 9 students. They head off to the senior campus next year. I was immensely touched by the warm good-byes I received from the students and their families. They are amazing young people and the future looks bright for all of us if it’s in their hands.
Today we had the last school day for the year 7’s and 8’s and it was typically energetic. After last nights events with the year 9’s graduation mass and social, tonight I had a farewell dinner for two wonderful women who are retiring from teaching. If it had been anything less than such an important occasion I would have ‘wagged’.
So now I am feeling quite exhausted but immensely satisfied with my working year. I have another week of attending work to get through, yet without students, it tends to be less demanding.

2 Replies to “Happy and Tired”

  1. I don’t know how anyone could possibly do it if they didn’t love the kids – it would be too hard!
    Thanks for your comment.