Last Day at Work Tomorrow

My desk is clear and I have moved to my new office. I am excited about next year and the challenges and opportunities I will have in my new role at school as a Year Level Co-ordinator. I have felt very enthusiastic in my preparations. There are lots of changes and shifts at our school next year.

I have finished my mosaic table – really truly this time! I will put up a photo when I get back from my trip.

We have 3 campuses and there has been a lot of movement between them. People are leaving the school for a variety of reasons. It will be quite different next year due to all the movement.

Tomorrow will be filled mostly with celebrations. A breakfast with our campus, complete with Santa and Kris kindle/kringle (whatever!) will begin the day. Then our entire college will join for a mass and then a luncheon and the year will be completed.

I am looking forward to some time off. I need to sleep a bit more and get relaxed. I have an adventure planned and lots of little things around my home I would like to achieve.

This year has been huge. I am ready for a rest.