Tomorrow I need to get back into exercise. I am extremely soft on myself. I haven’t exercised for over a week. I have a million and one excuses as we all do when we indulge ourselves in sloppiness, but the reality is not exercising doesn’t make my life easier as I like to kid myself. I had to think about why I stopped and I realised it was because my heart monitor wasn’t working. Probably needs a new battery. I don’t use it because I have some kind of heart condition or anything. It’s just to ensure that I am going hard enough. I need that feedback to ensure that my exercise on my stepper isn’t just a stroll in the park, and is an effective workout. That’s how slack I am!
Self-Imposed Limits
In our household our internet goes off at 9.45 everynight. My techie partner has set it up like this so that the kids don’t spend all night online. It’s really a good idea as it gives you the chance to get a good nights sleep and creates a limit that becomes a foolproof system. I think I was the first to ask for an extension of that time and when it wasn’t granted I was cranky. I am over it now though and I have been thinking about other ways that I can create healthy limits for myself in other areas of life.
Creative Limits
I have noticed at school if the kids have free reign to create a short story or any kind of project or peice of work, they spend so much time trying to think about what to do or write, it becomes a nightmare for them. When I first started teaching, I thought if they could write about whatever they wanted it would make it easier for them. WRONG! Now I create some kind of limit and it flows easier for them. I am always willing to negotiate with anyone who has another idea, yet it’s rare any student takes me up on that. If any of what I am saying rings true for you read Presentation Zen: Can limitations and restrictions be liberating? The answer for me is too right they can.
Many parents say children need boundaries. As a teacher in the classroom I know students operate best when there are clear boundaries. I need boundaries too. In fact it would be great if I could somehow create some device to prevent me from getting coffee until my exercise was done. Any suggestions anyone?

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  1. Hei Joh,
    This article talk a lot to me. Thanks for sharing. I should put it into action more often.

    PS : thanks for the compliment abt my bi-languages. I still try my best to write in English after so long time not practising and it mixed with my third n daily langsuge now : french.

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