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Salt Water

January 29, 2018 By johblogs

Not much to say tonight, have ran out of time and it’s early Monday already. I’ve had a great week, family dinners, son came for a night and great news. This week I’ve enjoyed a lot of salt water. Two trips to the beach for a swim and two sessions in the floatation tank. I […]

Fremantle Reflection

December 28, 2007 By johblogs

Jane lives near Fremantle. After a long sit at Little Creatures and a few of their lovely Pale Ales and lots of delicious food, we went for a stroll along the water. There we are reflected in the McDonalds window. My first visit to Fremantle was in 1999 when Jane lived about a street away […]

Namowrimo Abandoned for Beach

November 19, 2007 By johblogs

I concede defeat. If you look at my stats, there is very little hope for me. Last year I predicted my inability to do it and didn’t try, this year I am quite willingly surrendering. It must have been beginners luck the first year and I feel doubly successful in my original effort now that […]