7 Weird/Random Facts About Me

I’ve been tagged by the incredibly flexible (splits at 35!) Tiff from Three Ring Circus
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So here we go; 7 random and/or weird facts about me:

1. There are 16 years between my sister and I. I am the eldest (41) and she is the youngest (26). We are the only girls in my family and 4 boys in between. Yep, I had totally given up on ever having a sister!

2. It took me 13 years to complete my BA. I had two kids, two businesses and a lot of stops and starts, but I did it!! I finished it in 1994.

3. A high percentage of my friends are the same star sign as me. My closest friend, Rhonda is actually born the same day as me. Most of my boyfriends have been Gemini’s or Leos. I am quite interested in astrology.

4. I spent a year carefully cutting and placing tiles on a board to make a mosaic table, that was over 12 months ago and I still haven’t put the grout in it. Do you think I celebrated too soon?

5. I love accents, French, Irish and Scottish especially. One of my favourite songs right now “I’ll Kill Her” by Soko and I love Camille. I’m sure it’s all about the accents. My daughter and I once listened to a door to door salesperson for ages and when she left we both admitted it was because of her English accent.

6. I frequently forget my students names at this time of the year. I know them well and I hate it, but I have these mental blocks and they laugh about it now and can see the blank look on my face. These are kids I know and love. Very frustrating.

7. When I was in primary school I knocked on the priest’s door and asked what the relic was under the alter in our church. He had no idea! I think I annoyed him.

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Nanowrimo or Nanoblomo?

That is the question. I don’t know which to do. In fact last year I elected to do nothing because I was off on camp at Tamboritha and I was disorganised and I got overwhelmed and decided to pass on it. I loved it the year before and completed Nanowrimo with such a sense of satisfaction.

This year I am off to camp in a couple of days and will be back before November begins. I’ll discuss the details of this tomorrow. I still have report writing and the busyness of finishing up of the year. The students break up on the 6th December so November is seriously frantic.

I think NaNoWriMo will be more flexible for me because I can catch up on my writing on the days that I am not so busy. I know there would be a lot of support from fellow bloggers because I have seen lots of Aussie bloggers are participating in NaBloPoMo.

Reflecting on Communities

As I was driving home from work tonight, I was reflecting on my community at work. I love the people I work with. It makes all the difference. Even those I am not close to, I appreciate. At the worst of times and the best of times it is great to belong to a community.

Reading my feeds I found on Snoskred’s “Life in the Country” a beautiful post along the same lines of what I had been thinking. Her guest blogger Tiffany from 3 Ring Circus had written this lovely post about living in a community: Out of Her Niche.

I think communities can be built in all different kinds of places. I have lived in small communities and enjoyed the ‘neighbourly’ kind of community and have experienced community in workplaces, friendship circles, families and through my children’s lives. It is a valuable thing.

I agree with Tiffany that sometimes you don’t have to be like them or even necessarily spend a lot of time together, but when you belong to one, they are there for you and it’s a marvellous thing.