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28th July 2019

“The revolutions in biotech and infotech are currently being started by engineers, entrepreneurs and scientists who are hardly aware of the political implications of their decisions and who certainly don’t represent anyone. Can parliaments and political parties take matters into their own hands? At present it does not seem so. Technological disruption is not even a leading item on the political agenda.”

 21 Lessons For The 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari.

Anyway, this – https://mashable.com/article/community-care-versus-self-care/ was shared with me by one of our amazing volunteers at The VRI. I have been reflecting on it a lot.

I enjoyed this. I believe in redemption too. My favourite quote is “We are shaped by education.”

That is all for this week. It’s been long.

Two Weeks

I missed posting last Sunday.

I spent the day at ReActivate Latrobe Valley‘s event: Get Cheffed and was straight to bed at the end. The event was fun. We had around 500 local food lovers come through our market and 100 spectators for the main event.  The marquee was full of supporters who by pledging to our crowdfunding had made the Chef off and Chef up a reality. So many people contributed to the day and donated their time or cash or goods.  It is overwhelming sometimes how generous people are.

My parents had their 53rd wedding anniversary this week. I got married on the same day as them, 30 years ago, but did not go the distance, despite choosing what I thought would be an auspicious day. I only lasted around 5 years married. Enough time to have two amazing children, so no regrets.

Jane had her final day at Serving the Valley on Friday. She worked tirelessly right up until the last second following up opportunities for participants and sharing news on social media. We will miss Jane’s dedication to Serving the Valley, but fortunately we work together on other projects and are friends. Jane has volunteered at The VRI and Traralgon Neighbourhood House from the start.  I am happy for her that she has a more rewarding job and I believe she will make a greater contribution where she is going and that she may be able to improve opportunities for more people. Jane is one of the kindest people I know. We had a great party on Friday night!

Lots of other stuff has happened and I’m left tonight feeling very grateful for all the wonderful people we have on our teams. People who step up to help out and support in lots of ways. Brilliant people who roll up their sleeves and get stuff done, and make it fun.




December – What a great month!

December is such a huge and wonderful month. Summer starts and my birthday, which continued coming today. I received more gifts and good wishes as I went back to work and caught up with a few people who didn’t catch me yesterday. I love it! When I was a kid I used to say my birthday is always good for a weeks worth of joy, and it hasn’t changed much really. So many treats….

Tonight’s ‘Awards Night’ at school was a most enjoyable evening. It is always a treat to see the students who work diligently during the year, receive acknowledgement from their school community. We had the author Scot Gardiner speak at the event tonight and he spoke very well. I enjoy the guest speakers I have heard in the two years we have been holding this event. Scot was excellent. He spoke for long enough and was very entertaining. The common factor with both speakers was a message that academics is not everything and it is important to be a good, kind human being. Our school strives for that personhood aspect of education and that is what I love most about it.

This week I have one more evening out for a school event. I also have a massage and chiropractic appointment, so it’s a busy week. My daughter is home staying with me which is lovely, yet I will need to enjoy every moment we have, due to the heavy commitments. She’s just out with her dad for dinner right now. I’m giving her a massage when she gets home and looking forward to another practise.