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Kate Bush Covers

My brother Tim, (the musical one) directed my attention to the latest version of a classic Kate Bush song, “Wuthering Heights” by Josh Pyke. I have it on myspace. It’s not bad. I think her songs are awesome in themselves and enjoy different versions of them.

Placebo’s version of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’. The video is an interesting compilation of fans. There’s a live version of them singing it on YouTube, if you are interested.

This artist also has a great version of one of my favourite Kate songs. I like what he says at the start of the clip also.Maxwell sings “This Woman’s Work”

There are more, but some are not so good. I am patiently waiting for my ‘Never For Ever’ CD to replace my scratched LP.

Mr Wong Delivers Prize

I got my black nano iPod today. It’s 8 GB! I am thrilled with it. It’s my first iPod. I have been happily listening to Kate Bush today among others. Thanks Mister Wong. In case you missed my previous post, Mister Wong is a new bookmarking tool that began in Europe and has recently launched in English speaking countries. I was invited to beta test and won this iPod as a result.

Women Who run With the Wolves

My musing on Red Shoes has led me back to that classic resource Women who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Chapter 8, titled ‘Self-Preservation: Identifying Leg Traps, Cages, and Poisoned Bait’ contains ‘The Red Shoes’.

“There is an old women’s teaching tale about the plight of the starved and feral woman. It is variously known by the names “The Devil’s Dancing Shoes,” “The Red-Hot Shoes of the Devil,” and “The Red Shoes.” Hans Christian Anderson wrote a story by the same name”(p215)

She speaks of a ‘loss of instinct’ and warns to ‘guard the treasures of our basic natures’. This theme was certainly present in ‘The Lollipop Shoes‘. I am looking forward to exploring further this chapter. In rereading I hope to discover what is drawing me to this little story.

The Kate Bush site GaffaWeb has a discussion about Red Shoes and compares the Magyar-Germanic version from ‘Women Who run With the Wolves’ to the Hans Christian Anderson version.