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Halloween Reflections

I like the honoring the dead idea, and have lit some candles tonight to remember mine. There have been small interesting signs that have made me smile and reflect.

I know it’s not really seasonally appropriate in Australia. My son is gathering his friends and they are having a bit of a small night here. It has the feel of a spring carnival though, as they dress up, laugh and eat together.

I explored the origins of Halloween in my classes today. The year 7 novel ‘Remote Man’ makes some references to the way it’s celebrated in the US.
We shared with each other what we find scary. The year 9s discussed scary stories written by well known authors, and the retelling in other media of scary stories. The favourite example was “The Simpsons” doing Poe’s ‘Raven’. My favourite of course is Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’, none of my students had heard of it!
The students wrote some of their own scary stories and read them very well to the class. There were some treasures. I was delighted that they heeded my comment that violence and destruction did not necessarily make scary. They even went sparingly on the gore.
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Moments of Pleasure

Tonight is massage night. I have been having a massage once a month since July. I have enjoyed every one of them and am looking forward to tonight’s pleasure.

My Kate Bush CD came in the mail today. I now have all her CD’s and this latest one, “Never For Ever” was the first Kate Bush album I bought so I am enjoying it and flashing back to being 16. I worked in a record shop and would listen to Kate Bush as frequently as I could. My favourite tracks were “The Wedding List”, “Army Dreamers” and “Breathing”. I loved them all in the end after hearing them over and over!
The title of this blog is a Kate Bush song as shown in this YouTube video. So after my earlier post this month on the imitations, here is the real thing. Enjoy!

I am up to season 5 in ‘The Gilmour Girls’. Last night I watched episode 11, when Luke created an ice-skating rink on Lorelai’s front lawn to reconcile her with snow. Such a romantic moment. I am loving their relationship.

So whilst I am missing Andy,(Postman Pat in Hobart), I am filling my life with some simple pleasures.