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Big Day Out and holiday stuff….

Tonight I am feeling so very tired. I have to stay up or wake up to attempt to get ‘Big Day Out’ tickets for my son. We have a little Christmas traditional at stake here. The event has sold out in Sydney, so I need to be on it. 12.01am – is the time the tickets go on sale. Blah!

I booked some flights for my holidays last night. I’m going West to stay with Jane as soon as school closes. Well actually the next day! I’m excited. We’ve planned a road trip across the Nullabor, so it should be a great adventure.

My friends have been awesome lately. They are always great but I appreciate the way they have stayed in touch and showed a lot of care for me. I have been missing Andy plenty, yet can’t complain because he’s stayed in touch too.

So tonight, I’ll be watching mega episodes of ‘Gilmour Girls’ and keeping up for the beginning of my Christmas shopping. Blah, it’s too early really to even think about that frenzy.

BTW, Jaycee asked about gifts for teachers in a comment last month and I noticed this great post today on one of my favourite blogs Zen Habits:30 Frugal Gift Ideas to Show you appreciate Someone. I looked over the list and rather than reinvent the wheel, I reckon there’s some great things listed there. Especially the homemade food stuff. I’ve had a few students over the years bring in homemade food for me. I’ve loved it every time and Christmas being what it is with extra visitors and celebrations, there’s always room for extra food!

MSN & Joanna Newsom

Years ago (probably 10) I had MSN and I used it occasionally. I found it a little invasive to be honest. The way it would pop up whenever I logged on to the Internet was kind of annoying. My kids used it a lot, so I stopped altogether and when I got my own laptop, I didn’t put it on. It was kind of part of the freedom of having my own computer.
I have re-installed it this week. It’s changed. It’s great!
Finally now I have friends and people I know on MSN that I can chat to with it. I like that. I am not that much into chatting to random people.

I am loving Joanna Newsom this week. Especially this song: