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Mr Wong Delivers Prize

I got my black nano iPod today. It’s 8 GB! I am thrilled with it. It’s my first iPod. I have been happily listening to Kate Bush today among others. Thanks Mister Wong. In case you missed my previous post, Mister Wong is a new bookmarking tool that began in Europe and has recently launched in English speaking countries. I was invited to beta test and won this iPod as a result.

I’ve found Gnod

Gnod is amazing. I love it. If you click on this image and have a look at the authors on the list, they consist of many that I have read. You can also explore maps of music and films. When you click on another name in the map, it takes you to another map. I would have adored this when I was a kid and ran out of books by my favourite author. The closer the names to one another, the more closely linked they are. This is a great recommendation for when you are looking for something like…..

Joss Stone CD

I just bought a Joss Stone CD that I have been wanting for ages and I can’t play it on my computer in Media Player. I don’t have any other CD player! What is the point of buying a CD if you can’t play it? Grrrrrrr.

So, even though I have the CD, I still have the pleasure of listening to it, to look forward to.