7th July 2019

These are the things I’ve read and watched this week.

http://www.latrobevalleyexpress.com.au/story/6256728/marks-in-for-valley-schools/?cs=1462 When is this story going to change? I talk to passionate people working in local schools quite frequently and I know they are working to deliver quality education and engage students. As the article states “

“Mr Rodaughan said poor school attendance across the Latrobe Valley was a “big hand brake” on educational outcomes.

“On average, students missed 20 days a year … extrapolate that out and by the time they get to year 9 they have missed a whole year of school,” he said.”

Here’s a better story from Gippsland – https://www.impactboom.org/blog/2019/7/3/tim-leeson-on-authentically-building-resilient-communities-telling-stories-that-resonate There’s a new edition of Gippslandia coming out this week, I’m looking forward to reading it. I’ve read his so far https://gippslandia.com.au/not-afraid-of-a-little-hot-water/ and look forward to reading more.

There are some excellent insights in this presentation. I especially love the story at 12:22 and how a teacher can change the perception, ask questions and transform a situation. https://99u.adobe.com/videos/63704/ashley-c-ford-imagination-is-a-creative-superpower

“There are very few things that your average human is incapable of. Watch another human and you can do that too…..

Started reading and listening to The Diamond Cutter by by Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally. It’s based on a very old Buddhist text and I am enjoying it so much that I have also bought the audible version so I can listen while I’m driving.

Yesterday we had Gippsland’s first dyslexia conference at The VRI. It was a good turnout and Dystech are making a very useful tool for educators.

Today I went to the “Coal Hole” zine making session at ReActivate Hub. Here’s a photo of Pollyannar sharing with us the history of Zines.

Celebrating Spring

I’m glad August is done. It has been a very ordinary month for me. I’ve been home sick or sad more than I’ve been at work it feels like. I am really fed up with it. I actually love my job and the kids I teach, so I have been pretty flat the last couple of days. I guess there was just too much to deal with last month.

My tulips are popping up. One of my students brought a handful of tulips (his mother deposited them at the office)for me last week. I love them. Andy planted a dozen bulbs for me last year and this will be my second bunch of flowers from him. It’s fun to watch them arrive as they are right now.

Today I went for a stroll (there was nothing brisk about it) to the local shops in the sunshine. I haven’t exercised for so long and I had to get out of the house. I was starting to feel sorry for myself-blah! I wore my hat and sunnies and I’m glad I did because I read The Age: Victorians need to slip, slop, slap in Spring.

“Victorians are being warned not to leave their sun protection until summer with the Cancer Council of Victoria saying ultraviolet (UV) ray levels are already at a point where they can cause damage leading to skin cancer.”

I listened to some podcasts I had downloaded. I love my iPod. I had an mp3 player but itunes is so easy to use. I have subscribed to some of the ABC radio programs and I have all my music on it.

Rhonda came over and it was great to have a laugh with her. The beginning of the new season I am declaring a fresh start for myself.

ThoughtAudio.com – an audio book publisher providing free audio book downloads and podcasts of philosophy and classic literature titles.

If you enjoy listenting to books read to you, download these to your MP3 player. I love audio books. You can listent to them before you go to sleep, in bed and don’t get cold hands from having them poking out from under the covers.
ThoughtAudio.com – an audio book publisher providing free audio book downloads and podcasts of philosophy and classic literature titles.