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I am Done with Compromise

“In a relationship, when does the art of compromise, become compromising?” Sarah Jessica Parker

“We all have a childhood dream that when there is love, everything goes like silk, but the reality is that marriage requires a lot of compromise.”Raquel Welch

So who is right? Sarah or Raquel?
A man I adored had this saying as his mantra, ‘Life’s a compromise’, he would say, frequently. It never sat well with me. I am a win/win or no deal kind of person. However I went along, thinking perhaps that way is right. I wondered, maybe I’m stubborn, unco-operative or difficult to get along with? The compromises didn’t work out. It drained me. I was never quite happy with the compromises. I find some are laziness in regards to ourselves, leaving both involved dissatisfied.

“If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise.” Robert Fritz

If you take the time, communicate the truth and remain open to other solutions, you can usually find something that meets needs. If you can’t and that is continuous, I think you are in the wrong place. The truth is, if it is only half what you want or some other mix, it usually isn’t what you want at all.

“Don’t compromise yourself, you’re all you’ve got” Janis Joplin

Today I was offered a position very similar to the one I applied for at my school. Same wage, same type of job, different location. I have promised my son I would not work at the school he now attends, which was exactly where this was. I would consider working there in the future. He has one year to go. I had to turn it down. I may not get a leadership position now.

I feel really good about my decision. Had I accepted the compromise, I would now be trying to convince my son, it would be OK. I would be hoping it would be OK. I know this is not the kind of start I would want in a challenging new job. I love what I do now and am happy to keep doing it.

Hope is Free

My son went on a camp once with a Christian youth group and came back with a t-shirt screen printed with “Hope is Free”. It has stuck in my mind. I wasn’t really keen on him going on that camp, but the t-shirt made it all ok. He was young and I didn’t want him to get ‘cult – ed’ at a tender age! I had nothing to worry about it turns out.

I really like that saying, and at times lately, it is becoming a mantra. If you need it, take it on.

Big Day Out and holiday stuff….

Tonight I am feeling so very tired. I have to stay up or wake up to attempt to get ‘Big Day Out’ tickets for my son. We have a little Christmas traditional at stake here. The event has sold out in Sydney, so I need to be on it. 12.01am – is the time the tickets go on sale. Blah!

I booked some flights for my holidays last night. I’m going West to stay with Jane as soon as school closes. Well actually the next day! I’m excited. We’ve planned a road trip across the Nullabor, so it should be a great adventure.

My friends have been awesome lately. They are always great but I appreciate the way they have stayed in touch and showed a lot of care for me. I have been missing Andy plenty, yet can’t complain because he’s stayed in touch too.

So tonight, I’ll be watching mega episodes of ‘Gilmour Girls’ and keeping up for the beginning of my Christmas shopping. Blah, it’s too early really to even think about that frenzy.

BTW, Jaycee asked about gifts for teachers in a comment last month and I noticed this great post today on one of my favourite blogs Zen Habits:30 Frugal Gift Ideas to Show you appreciate Someone. I looked over the list and rather than reinvent the wheel, I reckon there’s some great things listed there. Especially the homemade food stuff. I’ve had a few students over the years bring in homemade food for me. I’ve loved it every time and Christmas being what it is with extra visitors and celebrations, there’s always room for extra food!