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Lovely Pressies

I watched my DVD I got for Mothers Day yesterday “The Gilmour Girls“, season 1. It was great. That show has some classic dialogue in it. I totally enjoyed it. Unfortunately I had already consumed my delicious chocolates almost as soon as I received them. Never mind!
I went shopping and spent my book voucher as well. Keeping with the chocolate theme I bought the Joanne Harris sequel to ‘Chocolat’ called ‘The Lollipop Shoes’ as well as Paulo Coelho’s latest ‘The Witch of Portobello’.

I love this article by Paulo Coelho. I think it embraces all that I love about his books. I love the lifestyle he lives. I want to give some books away now. My bookcases are bulging. I am going to take some to school to put on our community bookshelf and hunt for other good places to leave them. It will make me feel better about buying so many.

Summer Viewing

I haven’t watched many films this summer, whilst we were away we mainly watched our new ‘Battlestar Gallactica‘ DVDs that Andy got for Christmas. Season one was great and I am now looking out for season two. When they were on TV, we didn’t always catch them because they were on late, so having the DVDs has been a great way to see them, no ads!
I really enjoyed the ABC show ‘How the Hell Did We Get Here?’The Baby Boomers Guide to the Movies’. It was a top 20 of Australian Films and I had seen most of them and truly enjoyed the show. It reminded me how much I love Australian film, even the older films that were mainly included in this list!
We went to the cinema at Wollongong to see ‘Casino Royale‘. I wasn’t keen, because I’m not traditionally a big James Bond fan, but I did enjoy this film. My favourite James Bond was always Sean Connery but this new guy gives him a bit of a nudge. The cinema was looking a bit sad though. It felt dirty and dusty, so lucky it was a good film, or I possibly couldn’t have sat through it.
I saw ‘Children of the Revolution‘ on pay TV at the motel we stayed at in Kiama. It was Aussie and quite funny. It’s an Australian movie from 1997 and had Rachel Griffiths in it,among others.
I was delighted to see another Australian movie on the guide ‘Dalkeith‘. It was based on a story from the Traralgon old peoples home by the same name and I had always wanted to see it. I was seriously dissappointed though and couldn’t watch it all. Too stereotypical, although the reviewer I have linked to was more positive.
At Ulla Dulla I watched the new TV series ‘Men in Trees’ and loved it. Andy dislikes the main character, but I’m sure he will tolerate it for me! I am going to watch this series, I can tell. It reminds me of my old favourite ‘Northern Exposure’.

How TV Effects Your Kids

Yesterday I watched a great movie called Thumbsuckers. It contained a great line that has really made me think “Television is a Trojan Horse in our Homes” (Thumbsuckers). I don’t watch much TV anymore. In fact I reckon I would watch less than 2 hours a week. I don’t find any value in it. In fact I find it annoying. I get news online now and I like that I can read lots of views from around the world.
This link is to an article that highlights some of the negatives of tv watching by kids. In talking to students many have tv’s in their bedrooms. Some houses I know have 3+ TVs in them. Trojan horses?