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What will the new media laws mean for us? I just heard them mention them on the news. I got my update from the Buckminster Fuller Institute and they referred to an article about the UN saying something inspiring this question:Is it possible to power the world with solar power from the sahara desert?
Which makes me wonder:Whatever happened to GENI? I really want to know what progress has been made and whether this is possible. I should check it out. but….
These questions and others remain unanswered tonight, because I feel really very tired and am going to blob in front of the TV, then head to bed early with my book. I am enjoying my week though and not sure why I feel so tired. Never mind, go with the flow, even to bed…

The Abbey

Today I spent the afternoon with my good friend Jane. One of the things we discussed, was entering the ABC reality show things called ‘The Abbey’. It seemed like a good idea. When I got home tonight and checked Mystic Medusa’s blog for a bit of insight into why my electricity is failing me, she had mentioned it so I saw it as a sign and emailed the application to Jane.
Jane bought me another one of those delicious mouse things that I have previously photographed and put on this blog, so will resist doing so again. I wanted to enjoy it with a coffee, but the electric kettle and electric stove are holding me back from this right now.
NOT FAIR! is about all I can manage because I have the flu. STILL!!
I am not sure why my power is failing me, but I can say that I am tired and cranky and I want to make myself a coffee but it seems the only thing I can turn on in the house right now, without taking out the entire home’s power is my laptop and fluorescent light. This is a sign I think for me to retire to bed and worry about it in the morning.

Cooking Dinner & Desperate Housewives

Tonight I have enjoyed cooking dinner. I like Monday nights dinners. I have to confess I love watching “Desperate Housewives“. I finally got that it was comedy after watching my family watch it for months. I would scoff at them saying, that show is rubbish, why do you watch it. Finally their laughter drew me in. I really enjoy it now. The last time I looked forward to such escape was when “Ally McBeal‘ was on. I am not sure why but I don’t like much in the way of TV shows.
Anyway, because I know I am going to sit and chill and watch this show, I put extra effort into cooking dinner on Monday nights.

Does that make sense?