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Nanowrimo and exercise

I still haven’t written any more, I’ve been too busy. I do have an idea that has reinspired me though. I’m looking forward to spending the weekend writing up all the notes I’ve been jotting down, in between this and that. I can keep what I have already started too, which I’m pleased about. At one stage I was contemplating starting from scratch. Still not sure if I’ll make it, but I am going to give it one last good go.

This weekend is the main time I am going to have to work on it. I am booked to do a massage course the weekend after and reports are starting to whisper to me. I have some corrections to attend to also.

My sister visited last night and it was great to see her. She makes me laugh so much. I hadn’t seen her for ages and it was great to catch up.

My stepper is broken at the moment so I’ve had to go to my parents house to do my half hour aerobic exercise on their treadmill. I find the treadmill doesn’t allow me to get my heartrate up as much because I get shin pains. I think it has more impact on me. I prefer my own machine and it’s being attended to today so I hope it’s all better by tonight. I have finally reached the point in exercising where I look forward to that half hour and feel quite bereft if it doesn’t come around. I never thought I’d see that day!


I won the sweep! Got to celebrate that. Efficient – never heard of it, not that I spent any time studying form guides, but students who knew pitied me when I drew that horse.

I have only written 3300 words for NaNoWriMo – yep, not looking good at this stage, I have enjoyed what I have written though, so who knows, maybe I will spend an afternoon on the weekend and catch up. Or not….
Almost at the stage of giving up on NaNoWriMo already. Think I have picked the wrong idea. I have run out of steam on it already.

I began my reports today. In a very small way, I opened the program and made a start. I’m feeling quite confident I will make the deadline. This must be a record for me to open the report writing software a full 27 days before reports are due!

I found a place to stay in Italy for a holiday over lunch. Two weeks in Italy in the middle of winter. That’s a great possibility. I was discussing the Ruth Ostrow article from my last post. So it’s already been great value for me.

Rainy Saturday

Ladies day at the races is a washout today. The shopping centre was overflowing with overdressed ladies. All dressed up with no place to go. I ducked in, in my trackies, looking quite ‘ordinary’ and noticed I was terribly underdressed. I still had my comfort and that consoled me.

This week has rushed by in a blur of events. I have not blogged for two days. All those assuming I’ve been busily writing for NaNoWriMo – Wrong! I have a way to catch up on that.

I am just basically out of ideas and overtired. Not a particularly inspiring state. I have began to order my home so I could catch up in a hurry. Here’s hoping.