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Show Up

July 18, 2021 By johblogs

I miss blogging. I did it daily at one point and enjoyed the opportunity to record what my day had brought, so I am returning. I listened to the ‘Get Off the Bench’ podcast from Kerryn Vaughan interviewing Nicky Williams – https://www.kerrynvaughan.com/podcast1/nicky-williams-writing-off-self-doubt I could relate to what Nicky was saying.

Namowrimo Abandoned for Beach

November 19, 2007 By johblogs

I concede defeat. If you look at my stats, there is very little hope for me. Last year I predicted my inability to do it and didn’t try, this year I am quite willingly surrendering. It must have been beginners luck the first year and I feel doubly successful in my original effort now that […]

Scorpio New Moon Observations

November 9, 2007 By johblogs

I’m feeling quite contemplative today. I blame the Scorpio new moon. It’s good for all the writing I want to do though. I made a great start last night and met the quota I had set for myself. It’s all very crude though and I know it would need massive editing if I were to […]