Scorpio New Moon Observations

I’m feeling quite contemplative today. I blame the Scorpio new moon. It’s good for all the writing I want to do though. I made a great start last night and met the quota I had set for myself. It’s all very crude though and I know it would need massive editing if I were to take it any further or expose it to another.

Secrets are being told. I have heard a couple these last few days. Surprising secrets, not the ones I’ve been avoiding.

I have to get a haircut. I had it cut only 5 weeks ago. The grey is more obvious so that needs attending to also! Short hair saves time on a daily basis, but I find I have to go to the hairdressers regularly. I am testing the theory that if you get your hair cut before the new moon, it grows slower. When I wanted to grow my hair long, I would get it cut as soon as possible after the new moon. I know how busy the next few weeks could be, so I am doing it now.

4 Replies to “Scorpio New Moon Observations”

  1. So, that’s the secret to growing long hair? Poo, I wish I had known that before I decided to grow mine.
    You’ve been tagged for the 7 random facts meme.

  2. I love my short hair!
    Although it would go insane if I let it go 5 weeks without a haircut… I used to be able to go every 6 weeks, then every 5… now I have to go every 4 weeks! Maybe it’s just the style I’ve picked, but I can really tell if I don’t get that trim at the 4 week mark!

  3. Your hair is cool Kelly. It is reassuring to know that 5 weeks isn’t too soon. Since I haven’t had such short hair for a while I forgot about the hairdresser maintenance! It is easy to care for though!