One Whole and Perfect Day by Judith Clarke

Family Focus
Families are the focus in this contender for the Childrens Book Council Awards shortlisted for Older Readers. In One Whole and Perfect Day by Judith Clarke an interesting family of characters is assembled, complications are listed and neatly resolved by the end. There is warmth and magic as the broken down things in the central teenagers life come together at the end to form the whole and perfect day.
People with Flaws
I liked the characters and settings. I loved the grandparents especially. The grandmother living in her beautiful world and creating magic and harmony for the family. The cranky grandpa who threatens and rants in the family, yet privately is not racist or cruel. They were believable and offered insight into the ways children, parents, grandparents and community interact and form happy alliances, warts and all.
There was compassion in this story. The characters cared for others. Each of them demonstrated their vulnerability and extended care for one another and outsiders and this was the strength of the story to me.
CBCA Award Comments
I found the start hard to get involved with, and feel this book isn’t in the same league as the previously read shortlisted books. Yet having said that, it is a pleasing tale and is well worth a read.

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