Namowrimo Abandoned for Beach

I concede defeat. If you look at my stats, there is very little hope for me. Last year I predicted my inability to do it and didn’t try, this year I am quite willingly surrendering. It must have been beginners luck the first year and I feel doubly successful in my original effort now that I appreciate what it must have taken. I take my hat off to all those who are soldiering on with it and will now be a supporter from the sidelines.

My weekend went in directions I didn’t expect. I was too leisurely on Saturday, although thank goodness I did clean my house! Often I put that off till Sunday as well. I enjoyed it all very much though and feel no regret for the price I have paid.

On Sunday after his work, my son suggested we get out of the house and go to the beach. So we did. He brought a couple of friends and Rhonda called and decided to join us. We took our work with us, study, unfinished essays, corrections were all packed up and away we went. Driving there, about an hour away from home, the sky was dark and rain spits were disheartening on the windscreen. Rhonda in her car was thinking I was mad.

We arrived at the beach, whilst most were packing up to leave we enjoyed a couple of hours of swimming and lying in the gentle afternoon sun. It had been hot and muggy at home, yet was clear and still warm on the sand. The sea was refreshing and I enjoyed playing in the chilly waves. We then went into town and the six of us ordered a variety of yummy food and sat out on the street table and satisfied our after swimming appetites, tasting all the variety and laughing a lot. The sun was setting as we drove home and the world was beautiful. As we came through the hills the air smelt of eucalyptus’s and the thunder storm we could see ahead.

It did my spirit good. I’ll write the novel another day. Now I need to get moving for the busiest time of my year. Corrections, report-writing, Christmas shopping and mega birthdays (including my own!) all loom in the next month. This time next month I will be in WA with Jane, so I need to be effective in my actions and letting go of NaNoWriMo is the first step.

Scorpio New Moon Observations

I’m feeling quite contemplative today. I blame the Scorpio new moon. It’s good for all the writing I want to do though. I made a great start last night and met the quota I had set for myself. It’s all very crude though and I know it would need massive editing if I were to take it any further or expose it to another.

Secrets are being told. I have heard a couple these last few days. Surprising secrets, not the ones I’ve been avoiding.

I have to get a haircut. I had it cut only 5 weeks ago. The grey is more obvious so that needs attending to also! Short hair saves time on a daily basis, but I find I have to go to the hairdressers regularly. I am testing the theory that if you get your hair cut before the new moon, it grows slower. When I wanted to grow my hair long, I would get it cut as soon as possible after the new moon. I know how busy the next few weeks could be, so I am doing it now.

Nanowrimo and exercise

I still haven’t written any more, I’ve been too busy. I do have an idea that has reinspired me though. I’m looking forward to spending the weekend writing up all the notes I’ve been jotting down, in between this and that. I can keep what I have already started too, which I’m pleased about. At one stage I was contemplating starting from scratch. Still not sure if I’ll make it, but I am going to give it one last good go.

This weekend is the main time I am going to have to work on it. I am booked to do a massage course the weekend after and reports are starting to whisper to me. I have some corrections to attend to also.

My sister visited last night and it was great to see her. She makes me laugh so much. I hadn’t seen her for ages and it was great to catch up.

My stepper is broken at the moment so I’ve had to go to my parents house to do my half hour aerobic exercise on their treadmill. I find the treadmill doesn’t allow me to get my heartrate up as much because I get shin pains. I think it has more impact on me. I prefer my own machine and it’s being attended to today so I hope it’s all better by tonight. I have finally reached the point in exercising where I look forward to that half hour and feel quite bereft if it doesn’t come around. I never thought I’d see that day!