30th June 2019

This week was full and I didn’t manage to avoid working on my ‘day off’, but I did have a leisurely start to the day. I am not sure if I will pick up another sessional teaching subject next semester, but I will keep a day free if not. It may boost my productivity if this article is anything to go by.


I did have my final massage with the student I have been seeing at our local TAFE. I have probably had 10 massages from this students and each was amazing. I’ve been having massages for over 30 years now, so I am a little selective. When I first started going for student massages I would select the option to have any student and had been pleased with all the massages I had received. One night I got Beth and she was amazing! I ended up regularly going to her and now she is a qualified practitioner. If you live in East Gippsland I recommend her to you. If you contact the amazing Lynda Western who is the massage teacher at TAFE Gippsland in Traralgon, she can probably pass on details. If you want to book in to the next massage school and support the learning (as well as get some bargain self care)- Book Here.

I listened to a great podcast from Impact Boom this week: https://www.impactboom.org/blog/2019/6/20/dr-easkey-britton-on-the-ebb-flow-of-life-as-a-changemaker-adapting-to-shifting-environments. One of the things I love about Impact Boom podcasts is that the transcript is online with links so if you hear something you want to explore more, it’s very easy to do so.

This was my favourite TED Talk –

I finished listening to  The Water Cure by Sophie Mackintosh. It was ok. I started listening to The Alchemist read by Jeremy Irons. I’ve read the paperback many years ago and it’s beautiful to revisit on audio.