Cow Poo

In 1983 when I was doing year 12 or the HSC as it was called in Victoria then, we were studying a theme of ‘The Future’. Interestingly many of the books I read at that time and things I learnt have had big impacts on my life. We had to write an essay on what would happen if the oil ran out. One of my friends came up with what I thought was an amusing story about using methane gas from cow poo. We all cracked up and thought this was an amazing joke. I saw this a couple of months ago and wondered whether Greg was perhaps just a bit ahead of his time.
inhabitat: Poo Power:Could Cow Poo Power Your Home?

Snoskred recently wrote a very informative post on cows also, which reminded me of this Habitat article I’d saved. She asks “Everybody Loves Cows, Don’t They?” Well here’s yet another reason to be grateful for all that cows can offer the world. Read the comments as there are lots of interesting links.

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