Feeling Blah
I’ve been home with the flu(/gastro type thingy, yucky anyway) for two days and I feel like I am going stir crazy. I want my time back. It’s so inconvenient!
When I woke up before, I thought I’d have a read of some blogs and catch up. I’ve just about been sleeping for two days. My head still is a little sore, but I have to have something else to think about.
I noticed I am not alone.
Abundance Highway: Patience reports that Suzy has caught the bug.
Darren Rowse has prepared 8 Things to Do on your Blog when you’re Sick because

“As I woke up with a pounding head and numerous other flu ailments I thought today might be a relevant day to answer the question”

Over at ‘Everybody Knows’: Yeah Still Here, I find that

“yes i am still alive and yes i do intend to keep blogging. Its just been busy. Oh and coughing rather a lot still. All the time in fact.”

Contagious Online?
I doubt it very much, but there seems to be a lot of it travelling around Australia right now. There was an article in the news recently about a Flu Website that tracks the Flu. Here is the link to my clipped article on Newsvine. Strangely though, the article doesn’t have a link or address to the website. For more information about the 2007 Flu season you can go to the WHO Centre.. Or you can just hope it goes away soon like I am.

6 Replies to “THE Flu”

  1. I just got rid of mine after something like 4 weeks.. I think I got rid of it anyway, fingers crossed. I have this fear I’ll catch another one now. 🙁

    A woman sneezed near me when we went grocery shopping and I had to fight off the urge to slap her hard.

    No, I’m a nice person really! I just don’t want people sneezing near me once I got rid of my flu and people are warned to keep well away from my vehicle.. 😉 heheheh if I catch them too close to it a rage wells up inside me.. but that’s normal right?

    I suspect it is not, but I’ll keep telling myself it is.. 😉


  2. Snoskred and Jaycee, seems like it is the 4 week flu. On reflection I have been off and on with ‘flu’ symptoms for a few weeks. Anyway, I was back at work today feeling much better after a few days rest.
    Thanks all for your best wishes. Kat,I hope you are ok too.

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