Foster for a week in September

There are heaps of little trips to take from Foster and as usual, Andy selected the more obscure and interesting ones. I love that he takes me to places I would never discover. He has a GPS now and that is making him even more exploratory!
We found an amazing beach down a quiet dirt track. It had views of the prom on one side and the hills beyond Toora and Foster on the other. It was so quiet, except for the frogs and animal life in the small patch of bush that separated the waterfront from the road. We spent an afternoon there and then got up at 4.30 in the morning to watch the sunrise and got some amazing photos. I will put my favourite one up, once I decide what it is.
We visited Toora. There were so many properties for sale there. The area is quite expensive still. Toora was a ghost town. It made me feel sad to be honest. Surrounded by beauty and abandoned. The old shops that with a huge injection of cash, could have been very interesting and stylish, but had moss growing on the inside and were dusty and falling down! It was stagnant and decaying. The milk factory has closed about 12 months ago and apparently this has been the aftermath. I feel it must have been in decline for longer than that. It would be interesting to see if it sparks up in summer. There were signs that there had recently been life there. We drove a lot more on this trip and the views were of green rolling farmlands and the prom’s hills emerging from the water. It is a breathtaking sight. There is a slight fogginess that evokes a sense of unreality about it and makes it seem illusory or fragile. As though the mist could swallow the view up.