Rethinking Me

I have gone over half way on nanowrimo. I feel such a sense of accomplishment. I love this. I have had a few struggly moments, but they have been fleeting, hence moments was the word I used not hours or days.
I have been sick with my lumpy underarm, sore throat tired virus.
While I have been lying around feeling sick and sorry for myself I have been thinking about all my life decisions and what I wanted to be when I grew up and what I have turned out to be. I need to think more on it. I don’t feel as inclined to make rash decisions as I once was. I am not in the position to up and leave my job as I used to. I am just thinking about changing the energy I give to my job. It was only meant to be a short-term thing to tide me over and now I have found myself putting all my energy into it. It is not that it is a bad thing to put all your passion and energy into. It’s just not meant to be my thing I think. It has given me a very good couple of years but I think it really is time to make some changes to the way I do life and work is one of those things. It has consumed me the last 5 years. It has mostly been a mutual affair, but now I am ready to change things.

Ta Da – I did it

I can’t believe it. I caught up. I have been slogging away at it on and off all day. I had to go to docs, which was a pleasant surprise. He was a nice bloke. He didn’t callously inflict any pain and actually explained things to me in a way that I (medical ignoramus that I am) could accept and make sense of. I also went to a lovely 75th birthday at the Star Hotel in Town. It was a great spot this afternoon and it was really pleasant.
The most important thing to me is I finished my quota for today for writing and I also managed other stuff. I think I could be getting addicted to be honest.

The week

This has been a busy week. I have kept up with the writing for nanowrimo for most of the week. I have walked every night and all the other things I do to keep myself alive.
Last night I dropped everything though. My daughter was announced school captain for next year. I am so proud of her and happy for her. We went for coffee to Eviva after school/work. She is amazing. I took my son to an event in Morwell and did a spot of shopping, collected daughter from work and came home and went to bed. I was pleased I managed to brush my teeth I felt so tired.
This morning I have cleaned up and am attempting to catch up the writing I missed last night. I feel unimaginative and wonder if I am coming down with the flu or something. I have a lumpy underarm so I am going to the docs this afternoon, which I really dread. I can’t stand going to the docs. I know I am too busy at this time of the year to get sick though so I want to get this handled asap.
This must be the dullest post to a blog ever written.