Visit to Melbourne

On Monday I went with a busload of year 9 student’s to Melbourne for the day. We toured the Arts Centre. It was interesting and there were a lot of facts about how much and when that revolved around the cost and trouble of building it and I can’t remember them all but I got the general vibe that it was very expensive and involved. Now it is there for all Victorians to enjoy, the tour guide said.
It is a beautiful building, but I doubt all Victorians are able to enjoy it. Take that one class for instance. Not one student had ever been there before. Victoria is a big place. I don’t know what I was left feeling about it all.
I guess catching the water taxi from Southbank to the Polly Woodside was another experience that left me feeling a little amazed. It has all changed so much from when I worked in the city in the mid 80’s. It is unrecognisable actually. I used to walk across the bridge to an annexe in Sth Melbourne and I don’t even recognise where I would go now. The landscape has totally changed.

New Missions

It is good to set new goals. I have began walking daily again. I wrote my allocated amount of works for the NaNoWriMo competition. I am on schedule with my correcting. I have a job to go for and references. I am feeling better and I probably will stick my job out but it is always good to have choices. It is good to make decisions in your life when it feels others are calling the shots.

Young People Today

During the week I took my son and three of his friends to the ‘Taste of Chaos’ concert in Melbourne. I really didn’t want to do it because it was in the middle of the week and would mean I wouldn’t hit my pillow until after 2.00am.
I agreed to do it because he has been really supportive of me this year through many of the trials I have had. He has given me honest feedback and encouraged me to express my feelings and bolstered up my confidence on a number of occasions when I have felt that I was a failure. I didn’t expect my own child to fulfil this role for me and it has meant the world to me. I wanted to do something special for him to show my appreciation.
The kids were amazing on the night. They were so grateful and joyful. I am so pleased I did this. I was surprised. I had no real expectation other than to be tired and pushed to fit it in and it was an absolute pleasure.
As a secondary teacher, I get to see plenty of young people and I find most of them to be remarkably wonderful in all honesty.