Welcome back essential oils

Around 10 years ago, when I was on a mission to revolutionise homes and learning feng shui and lots of other things about home, I ‘apprenticed’ myself to an aromatherapist. I wanted to learn about aromatherapy to apply it to creating spaces in homes and the essential oils would add another dynamic tool to my space creating kit. I spent one day a week with Ronece, who I have now lost contact with unfortunately. She taught me heaps about essential oils and health. I loved my oils and I would make a different blend each morning and after I showered I would massage the blend into myself. I  put a couple of drops of lavender or chamomile into the kids bath to settle them in the evenings and I turned to my oils first if there were any illnesses or crisis’s in my circle.
My life has changed dramatically since those times. Different partner, town, job, friends, home, lifestyle and time has passed. I have kept my oils and all the associated tools that go with them and on occasion I will light a burner after cleaning the house to add a bit of whatever it is I’m striving to create in the space.
This morning I decided that I need to do the daily massage thing again and I did and I immediately felt relief from a headache and weariness that has dogged me all week. It was so simple and easy to do and yet I haven’t done it for probably 6 or so years. I have no idea why I stopped, but I am delighted I have started again.

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  1. My family and I love using Essential Oils, for it helped us a lot..Just like cleaning the house, providing the house a fresh smell and aroma, and controling the pest in our house.

    And as for me..Essential Oils helped me regarding my stresses every day after work..With just a smell of it, it provides me a relaxing feeling that gives me a good night sleep.

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