Ahhh…The weekend….nice

The ‘Nice Blogger Awards’ I would like to give to a blog I have only recently discovered. I really like Cellobella’s ‘SultanaBlog’. There are plenty of other blogger’s that are nice, yet so many of them have already had this award, awarded!

My son’s Myspace life has become busy as he was listed in the new ABC TV show ‘Summer Heights High’, character Ja’mie’s top friends. He cracks me up with his ironic humour, both my son and Ja’mie, who is also actually a he. Speaking of son’s, I notice that Meg’s son wrote a post on Blogpond about Christian Indoctrination last weekend, and was still receiving comments, yesterday. Interesting.

4 Replies to “Ahhh…The weekend….nice”

  1. It is hilarious, in a shocking way! That Jonah character is so familiar to me…… Reminds me of a combination of a few kids I’ve taught.